Our latest innovation in the domain of Modern Abattoirs

Our vision to transform the industry has driven us to bring out the modern innovative container based “Smart Abattoir”. The smartest creation of ours utilizes the ultra-modern and highly advanced technologies related to rail construction i.e. St. Steel Bi-rail. Not only this, the Smart Abattoir complies with the highest standards of hygiene which meet and surpasses the international norms. Inclusive of but not limited to steel knife sterilizers with the thermostat as well as built-in air sterilizer and odour neutralizer the Smart Abattoirs are here to revolutionise the industry.


The innovative facility has a large number of advantages that are unmatched and unparalleled by any other vessel. Just to name a few of them:

Durable, strong and sturdy


Economical and recyclable

Modular (conveniently adding 20 or 40ft container to be used as a cold store, administrative offices, staff accommodation, changing room and bathrooms among others )

Pest Proof

Easily and Economically Transportable

Low maintenance

The high speed of production

Facilitates hygiene and safety requirements to obtain HACCP certification

Facilitates standards for meat export to the GCC and EU

Key features of the “Smart Abattoir”

The container is a 40 ft. marine steel, high cube container, modified as per the ISO standards and structurally certified by IICL inspector.

The internal walls and ceilings are constructed of well-insulated panels covered by St.Steel (grade 316L) corrugated sheets, externally and internally.

The floor and drainage system is completely insulated and waterproofed with a top layer of non-slippery coating used for abattoirs and food production facilities. Also, the 10 cm vertical coving allows easy flow of water to drainage points.

All electrical installations including sockets, isolator and sand lighting are waterproof and rated IP65.

All openings, inclusive of doors and windows are made of aluminium and energy saving reflective glass panels. As well as all plumbing materials are industrial grade and non-corrosive.

All structural steelwork does conform to ASTM 36 grade or equivalent–includes IPE beams and 8 columns Ø 114.3 x Sch. 40 which have the capacity to carry 350 Kg/LMtr. The complete hanging load is transferred to the concrete foundation at the site throughout the container base.

The ritual killing table is designed in accordance to local traditions and “Halal slaughtering” and built completely in St.Steel (grade 316) inclusive of roller conveyor (bearing type – which is long lasting and is detachable for hygiene maintenance). Also, it has a provision for blood collection facility.

Two St. Steel chute with flip doors for hygienic disposal of leg, skin and viscera directly into the skids, to be located adjacent to the container.